The mission of Mera Gaon is to adopt and rebuild the village of Kulay.

To give its people a way to continue to lead a normal life with access to basic necessities.

We hope that it will serve as a model village and an example for post-earthquake reconstruction and sustainable development as well in the future. Celebrating the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal by using sophisticated traditional knowledge of natural materials, while also incorporating contemporary design and engineering practices so the village is earthquake resistant.


• To design a model village that integrates sustainable design practices vis-à-vis energy, agriculture and livelihood.

• To provide trainees with necessary skills2masonry, carpentry, plumbing etc. with a focus on vernacular tradition 2 in order to become entrepreneurs, and to facilitate post-earthquake Owner Driven Reconstruction.

• Design of individual homes with improved animal husbandry, rainwater harvesting and improved cooking stoves or biogas (please note that this will vary according to available funds).

• To build capacity through social enterprise to help locals build a Community Facility Center (CFC) and rebuild their own permanent homes. The CFC will help facilitate Owner Driven Construction by serving as a center for training, knowledge diffusion, technical support and a place to store and access tools and materials.

• The project aims to facilitate the construction of the model village through an ODR approach incorporating sustainable agriculture using permaculture model, sustainable livelihood through masonry training, rainwater harvesting, and potentially homestays and trout farming.

Kamala Foundation is working with ABARI and Mero Gaon teams to help with developing Sustainable agriculture.

• To build using natural building materials such as wood, earth and stone.